1. W

    D-Link DPR-1061 Print Server

    Good Day, I am struggling to source this device in South Africa, i am from north of the border and urgently need this for a client. On the Dlink website they suggest Pinnacle and Rectron. Pinnacle quotes on wrong device and Rectrons site is a bit confusing...
  2. MJG

    Paper cup printing.

    Good day I am looking for a company that can print a logo onto take away paper cups and bowls. I will supply the bowls but need someone to print on them. 100 000 cups and 100 000 bowls TIA.
  3. RedViking

    DA to lay criminal charges against SAP and CAD House

    Has anyone made use of CAD House services for the 3D equipment or projects? I tried to buy filament from this 'company' a couple of times but found their website to be very slow and disorganised. Luckily I have never been successful in getting what I needed and bought it somewhere else. Didn't...
  4. D

    Round Canvas Prints

    Hey hey, Anyone know where I could get round canvas prints done? Thanks!
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Making 3-D printing as simple as printing on paper

    Making 3-D printing as simple as printing on paper Startup’s cloud-based system allows for project queuing by multiple users and automated part removal.
  6. W

    Well, hello seems to be in order :)

    Hi guys, I was looking around to see if you have an introduction section anywhere, but without any success. So I opted to say hi in the business section, seeing as though I'm an entrepreneur and possibly the section where I'll find and share most often... Well hi, my name is Werner and I'm...
  7. T

    LF cheap places to print programming pdf's?

    Any ideas I have a few programming pdf's and I would like to print a few of them. Two of them havn't been in print for the last ten years so I will have to print them myself. Where in the Western Cape preferably can I get this done for cheap?Thanks
  8. M

    Corel draw graphics suite 4 and Adobe Indesign cs3 - HELP !!!!

    hi guys, if there is anyone here on the forums who have one or both of these programs, i need help asap. My designer is awol, no idea where he is and I'm coming close to the deadline. Need help with 3 things 1) corel draw file, need to create a template from an existing on, just with...