private banking

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    Your Private Banking Experience

    Considering the number of 'private' banking options out there, I believe there is some value in seeing what experience MyBB users have had... As we all know there are a number of factors to consider as each offer has its own reward partners, travel benefits etc I personally tried FNB Private...
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    Using a bond originator vs directly with bank

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out whether I should use one of the bond originators vs directly with my bank when applying for my next home loan. I'm an ABSA private bank customer, and when I asked my banker to intervene with my previous home loan wrt my interest rate, she said she couldn't touch the...
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    Advice on going for an Investec Private Bank Account

    Hi everyone. I recently passed my CTA and I qualify for an Investec Private Bank Account. I really don't know whether I need it though. Is a private bank account really worth it? I probably won't be using it to its fullest in the short term(although I am going to need vehicle finance very...
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    Nedbank Private Banking

    I've read through a couple of threads on the forum but I couldn't find sufficient information on this. A Nedbank Private Banker want to meet with me tomorrow to invite me to open up an account with them. I want to know what could I expect? Will they move over my vehicle finance and bond to...