1. Lebogang95

    Google Foobar Challenge

    Last night whilst busy doing some dev work I got invited to try Google's Foobar challenge. If you're not sure of what that is here is an article better explaining it. I just wanted to know if anyone else has received this invitation and what your experience with it was? Did you end up...
  2. R

    Shopping APIs

    Do you guys and girls know of any API's from retailers such as Woolworths, Pick 'n Pay, Checkers, etc? Do these API's even exist or will we have to scrap the pricing from the websites of these retailers ourselves?
  3. K

    Web Development as a career

    Just a little bit of background info . I am knocking on 30's door next year and I need to get myself out of this rut I find myself in, namely "Call Centre Work". I simply cannot go another year listening to customer's complaints and taking the flack for poor strategic decisions by the powers...
  4. B


    Hi guys, I need a gods help :P This command is kinda what i want Delphi 7 to do for me.. i want it to get an ip from that Edit box and make cmd run and do a ping for that address.... Any ideas? I get an error about incompatible string types.. i just need to add that info at the end from the...