provident fund

  1. Matt91

    T-Day (retirement reform changes)

    So this morning I got this in my inbox from HR, just trying to understand exactly what this means as my HR lady's explanations are pretty terrible and she's just confusing everyone with her answers being all over the place. As far as I understand it, all member contributions to the company...
  2. C

    Help please

    Hi I resigned on the 11 of march my basic was 6k and com I was permanent so I had provident fund uif pension everything I also had 10 leave days was only paid 4k today . How do I go about requesting a breakdown of what I was paid and regarding my commission it runs 19-20 each month so I feel...
  3. CathJ

    Provident Funds and RAs

    No, I'm looking to find out which is best :) I have a private RA, but I've been contributing to my company's provident fund as well. Now I'm leaving the company, and I want to transfer my benefits from the provident fund to the RA. I'm sure I've done this once before, but Momentum (who runs...