1. RedViking

    Civil Engineering - UNISA and career advise

    Is there anyone that has done this qualification with UNISA. Is it worth it? What doors can this qualification open and where can it be applied? Is there a way to move from this degree to a structural engineer? Can it lead to something international or recognized in other countries? One of...
  2. NeonNinja

    The university degree is dead

  3. T

    IT Qualifications and career advice?

    Hi all I am looking for advice in what IT Qualifications/path I should take, including career prospects and what career path I should take. I’m not sure where to start off with my explanation so I’ll jump right in to it. First off I would like to start off by saying I am very passionate...
  4. C

    Where to take IT short courses

    Hi guys, I'm from East London and want to do some Cisco and Microsoft courses online as I'm a full-time employee. Which online course provider should I enrol with? I want recognised qualifications.