1. RedViking

    Electric Shaver for Women (Ladies please advise)

    This question is for the minority. :p What is a good electric shaver for a lady (not a trimmer only). Rechargeable. Wet and dry. Preferably not an Epilator. Looking for something for Lady Viking. If you have link that would be great.
  2. S

    Software Developer

    Programmer We have two vacancies - one for a Senior Developer in Johannesburg and the other for a Developer in Springfield 1. Responsible for design, development and support of software systems/subsystems 2. Assist in providing plans and estimations for scoping of software...
  3. tsume

    Preventing/treating razor bumps

    I recently made the switch from electrical shaver to a manual razor. I've been noticing that I'm getting razor burns/bumps in the past couple of weeks...maybe I'm shaving differently or my skin is not use to it. Does anyone have ideas or techniques in preventing razor bumbs? I've heard getting...
  4. M

    Best electric razor/shaver?

    I am officially gatvol of shaving every few days. At this point, I want an electric razor/shaver, so that I can trim each day. Suggestions please. I would prefer not to have those twin-circular ones. I specifically want those that are flat.
  5. T


    Just thought about it this morning when I shaved. What do you guys prefer to use? Wet or dry shaving? And the reason for that? Same for the ladies - I see those shaving adverts on telly as well, and wonder what do you prefer... wet or dry, and the reason why. I shave dry, because the...