1. P

    New Scammer and Fraudster listing system

    Hi peeps, Just to let you know, we launched a listing system for possible scammers and fraudsters. The system allows you to input details, and it will return results of previously encountered users / entities. There is also an API if you want to integrate with it. Right now we have around...
  2. LazyLion

    So frustrated with Telkom and their crap.

    So our ADSL at home AND at the office is giving problems. The ADSL at home has been problematic since July (about the time Telkom launched that free three month Trial). I used to get almost perfect service. I am about 2 kms away from the Meyersdal Exchange. But now the speeds have dropped...
  3. I

    Web Hosting in RSA for MS Reporting Services 2005 ???

    Hi. Does anybody know if there are any web hosting companies in RSA that offer Reporting Services 2005 or later? In fact, any version of Reporting Services could do.