retirement annuity

  1. K

    Moving away from Liberty Retirement Annuity

    Hi guys My girlfriend and I are relooking at our RA's with Liberty, we are juniors in this, please bear with this. My girlfriend has been paying R1200 toward her RA for the last 10 years, if I do the math, thats around R144000 cash, but looking at her investment statement, the total investment...
  2. M

    Retirement Annuity payment holiday

    I have an RA at Investec (Now Ninety One) and am considering requesting a payment holiday for a few months. Would this be a good idea? Any disadvantages to requesting this?
  3. PhreakBoy

    My decision to move my RA and the calculations

    I was undecided whether to start a new thread or whether to comment on the existing ones regarding EAC / OutVest, but figured this is a separate topic. I trust no one minds. TL;DR in blue Approximately 15 years ago I had changed jobs and got in contact with a FA from the big green company. I...
  4. S

    Retirement Annuity/Pension Advice

    Hi all :) I'll admit I haven't dug very thoroughly through this topic here before posting this question but here is my current situation. I've been working for the last 7 years and like most people moved between companies. Each company obviously wants you to sign up for their amazing pension...
  5. S

    Sygnia retirement annuity vs allan gray retirement annuity

    Hello. I want to start a retirement annuity from what I have read online I would prefer to do so without a financial advisor, for the interest of costs. I am not sure about passive versus active mng. because at first I thought index trackers generally outperform active mangers but I have also...
  6. shooter69

    Leaving your funds in retirement fund after resignation is a very bad idea

    Background : I worked for a company for 2 years and we had a compulsory Funds at work fund with Momentum. about 5 months ago I resigned and joined a new company with a new pension fund. I decided to leave my retirement fund in tact so it can grow. (Worth R94k at the time of resignation)...
  7. S

    Financial Advisor fees - PPS RA

    Just curious what sort of "Financial Advisor" fees and "Administration" fees people are paying on their PPS RA. Is everyone paying this as a % of investment value? I had previously negotiated mine down back in 2015, but still feel I am paying too much for the work being done. Probably cannot do...
  8. N

    NOOB'S GUIDE : Investments (esp. Retirement Annuities (RA)) for 2017

    So I was reading through this : Best Retirement Annuities (RA) for 2016 This thread gave me some idea of which companies to look at and stuff, BUT, it think it's more suited to those who are already...
  9. R

    looking for a Retirement Annuity

    Hello, I am tired of every tax session having to pay the Tax man some money for my rental income. I was advice to get a retirement annuity in addition to my company pension fund. I did a calculation on the SARs website while doing my return, that if i can contribute to an RA paying R1100...
  10. S

    Retirement Annuity - ongoing fees - PPS

    Hi. Am just curious. I have a retirement annuity with PPS where I invest an annual amount every February (instead of bothering with monthly debit orders etc). I pay no initial fees for the investment, but do pay an ongoing fee to the broker. On top of that, there are the normal management fees...
  11. B

    Not using RA more beneficial in saving for retirement?

    Many website and personal advisors will tell you that you should contribute to Retirement Annuity and how good your returns will be compared to saving after tax amounts but isn't it better to invest outside of an RA instead of contributing to a RA when you are young? Benefits of an RA Reduce...
  12. R13...

    RA Question

    So I have an old RA with PPS that has a 10% yearly increase. But listening on the radio just now I heard Brian Hirsch say that about 75% of the 10% goes to the financial adviser on these type of things. This RA is in addition to my regular pension so there's no real tax benefit to it, I took it...
  13. M

    Retirement Annuities

    Hi Everyone. I would like to know what Retirement Annuities you guys use and which ones you think are the best ones out there? Secondly, do any of you use a broker to manage your investments or do you do it yourself? Thanks
  14. CathJ

    Provident Funds and RAs

    No, I'm looking to find out which is best :) I have a private RA, but I've been contributing to my company's provident fund as well. Now I'm leaving the company, and I want to transfer my benefits from the provident fund to the RA. I'm sure I've done this once before, but Momentum (who runs...