1. Q

    Very old DB, anybody seen this before? possibly 1960's

    We bought a old house and the electricity had to be re-wired. This was the original DB that was used. Has anybody seen anything like this? I don't know where to look for anything like this and want to know if it's worth anything. If not I want to use it for my Raspberry Pi media server...
  2. Rouxenator

    Mobicell Retro (Dual Sim, Dual Camera, LED, GPS) + TPU case + Screen protector [S]

    Item name : Mobicell Retro (Android 4.4.2, Dual Sim, Dual Camera, LED Flash, GPS) with extra screen protectors and protective TPU case. In box with all accessories included. Age and condition: 5 months old, good condition - see pictures below Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes - until...
  3. Rouxenator

    Your oldest working phone

    Let's take a walk down memory lane, dig through your drawers and try to power up your oldest cellphone. I just made a call on my Nokia 1610 with home made battery : Will see how long this battery last. Might change it to a Li-Po one that fits into the battery pack.
  4. foozball3000

    Raspberry Pi - Building a Retro Gaming Console

    I'm building a retro gaming console from my Raspberry Pi and I got pretty far from this guy's blog: Now the hard part starts. Not all the emulators work, and some of them don't work as well as they should. So, the...
  5. Daruk

    Atari 2600 online :)

    What's your favourite game? Have a go online and post your hiscore here. I used to like asteroids and haunted house. I once played asteroids for asolute hours and was totally cheesed off when we had to turn it off and lose my score lol.
  6. M

    Remember Qbasic Nibbles and Gorillas?

    These were the good old dos days. Even though they weren't the most complicated games out there, Nibbles and Gorillas provided endless fun. Seeing QBasic code again is extremely nostalgic. Definitely worth another go for old times sake: You'll need QBasic, Nibbles, and Gorillas Enjoy!
  7. D

    Friendly Debate: Is modern gaming really that good?

    Let's forget about all the Wii/Natal/Motion tech stuff for a minute as the thread is focused more on standard controller titles. Here's my little debate. I'm been gaming since NES/DOS days and yeah, gaming has come a far way since then. The past couple of months I've been playing Fallout 3...