reuben september

  1. jes

    Telkom's video on-demand groundhog day

    Telkom's video on-demand groundhog day Telkom Group CEO Sipho Maseko recently revealed their plans to launch a so-called “triple-play” product, but talk like this is nothing new
  2. jes

    Have we not heard that before, Telkom?

    Have we not heard that before, Telkom? Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko said that it is critical for them to put customers at the centre of what they do, but this is not the first time we heard this from Telkom
  3. rpm

    Telkom versus Nzeku ruling: Is Telkom hiding something?

    Telkom gets a blood nose in Nzeku case Recent ruling in the prolonged Telkom-Nzeku battle raises questions about company affairs
  4. S

    Telkom’s September was a ‘marked man’

    i was surprised to find that this article has not yet been posted on mybb :confused: read the remainder of this article by duncan mcleod at
  5. rpm

    Reuben September

    Reuben September was appointed to the Telkom Board on May 8, 2007 and as Chief Executive Officer of the Group on November 22, 2007. Previously, he served as acting Chief Executive Officer since April 5, 2007, as Chief Operating Officer since September 5, 2005, as Chief Technical Officer from May...
  6. rpm

    Telkom CEO Radio Interview

    Summit TV speaks to Reuben September from Telkom about their results and the corporate action in the market at the moment