1. P

    Testbunnies required for my app similar to RouteSentry

    Traffic Splitter app (like RouteSentry) I've written an application (in C# Express 2008) to split traffic for Windows users, which works much like RouteSentry. It works on Windows XP SP2 and newer versions of Windows, including Windows 7 x64. My aim was to create something like RouteSentry, but...
  2. stroebs

    Surecom Router

    I know this is possibly in the wrong section but I can't seem to find help in the RouteSentry thread. I'm a little confused... I don't exactly know how to set my router into half-bridged mode or set my router into bridged mode completely either! I try dial a connection from within win7 and it...
  3. G

    Can you . . . Routesentry???

    Hey guys and girls. Is there anybody on this great:D forum that can maybe update just the routesentry routingtable. mostly add saix servers and especially team fortress 2. cause i get a suspision that its not properly splitting my bandwidth. thanks
  4. G

    One question

    hey guys. thanks for all the ppl posting here. i found so many solutions. im a bit of noob when it comes to networking so i was just wondering the following 1. Does the Telkom mega 105wr support half-bridge? (i know it might have been answered somewhere else but search yields nothing. 2...
  5. C

    Least-Cost Routing and ADSL

    The story: International bandwidth costs ~~ R 70.00 per GB. Local costs ~~ R 19.00. If your router is configured to connect to an international account, traffic to local IPs wastes expensive bandwidth. Hypothetical Situation: you want to download a whole bunch of Linux-related files from a...
  6. D

    iPig Alternative for Ubuntu 8.04?

    Hi guys, I'm a total newbie to Ubuntu (having just installed the acclaimed Hardy Heron release). My setup is as follows: we have a desktop PC running XP with Routesentry, Treewalk and iPig server running on it successfully (thanks ant1b0dy). Previously, my laptop had Vista iPig client...