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    [HOWTO] Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (GT-i8200)

    NOTE : There are TWO different models of the S3 Mini in circulation, the GT-i8200 and the GT-i8190 THEY ARE NOT THE SAME If you attempt to use the incorrect root method, you WILL brick your phone. You have been warned Now that the warning is out of the way, it would seem that the...
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    S3 Mini, full signal, no calls or sms until reboot

    I have a Samsung S3 mini on CellC, running 4.1.2. Some days, my phone will just loose connection to the network, and I am unable to send or receive calls or sms's although the phone shows decent signal. This is usually while I am on the Wi-Fi network at work, but I cannot confirm that 100%. The...
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    Samsung S3 Mini firmware update

    My S3 mini notified me that there is an update available, and since it is currently standing at 4.1.1, I am assuming it is the 4.1.2 update. I tried to update over the air via the WLAN at work, but it just keeps on saying "Connecting to server" for a while after which it fails with an error...
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    Galaxy S3 mini, MMS

    hi, why can't i open MMS pics sent by others to my S3 mini? I receive the Notification Msg 'received 10kb from X. Download?'. Even after selecting 'Download' i still can't open the mms. Why? I can still open the same mms on my Nokia C5 fine. As side notes, I am on a Cell C Straight Up...