1. RedViking

    An Extremely Sad Story

    May I start a very very sad thread?. :cry: Rules: 1)In this thread there is no happiness but; 2) The only time there is happiness is every 15th post:D. 3) You must type a short paragraph, sentence or two, continuing the story from the previous post
  2. RedViking

    Communication. The Client is always right. Bow down.

    So I have been watching a couple of situations unfold and watched how people handle it. Some of them are on this Forum. Some at work. Some in marriage and some at my local store. In every large business or service there will always be issues. As a Client you want the best service, to your...
  3. HapticSimian

    Osama bin Laden disproves Darwin

    Just too [-]funny[/-] sad not to share, via Pharyngula:
  4. C

    I am really really ridiculously sad.. =(

    I feel just like Keanu...:cry:
  5. S

    Banned on the Web Africa forum for raising concerns about high prices!

    Hey Guys I am a Web Africa client and have been using their forums to find out how the steam contenet server is going and for things like that. I noticed yesterday that a user had posted the Mweb pricing and asked them what they thought of it. To no surprise Web Africa started Ranting that...
  6. Xzib1t

    Dear Telkom, I would like to be part of your “next generation network”

    Dear Telkom, I would like to be part of your “next generation network”, What do people who live slightly further from the exchange have to do to get decent speeds? We will be lagging behind this personally is an issue for me as I am not prepared to move form Diep River to Bergvliet. Normally...

    Taking out the trailer trash

    7 people were killed in a massive homicide that took place in a trailer park in the U.S. state of Georgia.
  8. T

    UK proves HIGH SA Bandwidth prices this truely is a sad things .... :(:(:(:(