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    Live sport streaming

    Hi everyone, Looking for recommendations for a live sport streaming service, that works in SA and abroad. What are you using? What are you paying? What channels do you get? Need rugby, golf, tennis, premier league and MotoGP. Cricket and F1 would be a bonus. Prefer Android based but can...
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    Openview FTA Satellite location?

    Hi Guys I am trying to get Openview on my STB. What I have so-far: I have successfully pointed my dish to "Infosat 20". I pick up all the DSTV TV channels (Displayed correctly as LOCKED) and all the DSTV Audio channels. I also pick up the promo DSTV channel 10/10. I pick up no Openview...
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    Legally watch other Satelite providers

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether it would be legal to watch free-to-air satelite channels in South Africa (without any subscription)? I was living in Dubai fir more than 2 years and there free-to-air channels were no problem.
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    DSTV Fraudsters - How best to deal with them

    I contacted a well known DSTV instillation company, they are quite large and operate from Kempton all the way up to Pretoria. They confirmed that they were definitely DSTV accredited and were able to complete the DSTV instillation to spec. They arrived on site and completed the instillation...
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    Open View HD Review

    Ok, I've been looking for a thread that has technical information about the Open View decoders and the quality of the service but I've found none. So I've decided it'd be proper to have the people that have it, or have tred it. to post what they think of it. So if you own a decoder or have owned...