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    Scammers using faces of famous South Africans in shady adverts

    Scammers using faces of famous South Africans in shady adverts If you are an avid reader of online news in South Africa, it is likely that you have seen advertisements in articles that claim to have the answer to your financial troubles. These ads use the faces of famous and wealthy South...
  2. P

    New Scammer and Fraudster listing system

    Hi peeps, Just to let you know, we launched a listing system for possible scammers and fraudsters. The system allows you to input details, and it will return results of previously encountered users / entities. There is also an API if you want to integrate with it. Right now we have around...
  3. jes

    Online shopping scam tactics

    Online shopping scam tactics Industry expert reveals how scammers con many unsuspecting online shoppers in South Africa
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    New Scam warning

    Okay, my in-laws have received a couple of calls this weekend and today from a company called "MegaByte" they are claiming that their home computer is compromised and that it is sending out emails or some rubbish. It seems like these dudes Modus Operandi is to go through the phone book (as they...
  5. jes

    RICA and the tracking of scammers

    RICA and the tracking of scammers “People will become traceable – right down to the last metre – and RICA is the start,” says Christopher Riley
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    ABSA now verify cash send transactions?

    Got a call from ABSA after making a cash send trans. Apparently scammers are exploiting this to get money out of people's accounts. I can see why they'd target it as the cold hard cash would be nice & untraceable! FICA working too well maybe? How do scammers manage this?! They'd need your...
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    Fly-by-Night Web Hosts

    Has anyone here had any unfortunate dealings with a fly-by-night web host? I have. A year ago I signed up with a web host called (which doesn't exist anymore). I was impressed with their prices and I registered a domain with them and let them host my domain. After a while I...