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  1. Jamie McKane

    What is your favourite sci-fi TV show?

    Which sci-fi TV show is your favourite and why?
  2. W

    Calling all Sysadmins

    I am currently reading the Mammoth book of Apocalyptic SF and came across a gem of a story. The author Cory Doctorow is a Canadian blogger, journalist, and science fiction author who serves as co-editor of the blog Boing Boing. He is an activist in favour of liberalising copyright laws and a...
  3. LazyLion

    Must Watch! Outcasts! (New BBC Series filmed in South Africa)

    So a friend in the UK pointed me to this.... The series is filmed in South Africa. She says the first two epis were great! I'm gonna grab some of the 720p epi's and let you guys know what I think!
  4. W

    Science Fiction| Books, Movies, Games and News

    Peter Berg no longer directing new Dune movie Friday, 30 October 2009 by John Howell According to, Peter Berg is no longer directing the movie based on Frank Herbert's science fiction classic Dune. Paramount, the studio behind the new adaptation, has begun the tough search to...
  5. LazyLion

    Your Complete Guide To Fall Science Fiction TV Series starting and returning to TV this Fall season in the USA.
  6. LazyLion

    Stargate: Continuum - Anyone seen it yet?

    I have! :p Was pretty good! Ever since Season One, you wondered when the Goa'uld would be defeated. This will settle the issue for you! ;)