1. LOTR

    Assistance with Jira Software

    With the requirement to work from home, our team now needs a virtual Scrum board. Our organisation has Jira available, and I see that boards can be created there. I see under the rules that the "ticket" created is called an "Issue", and that only developers can edit, prioritise, schedule and...
  2. A

    Ruby on Rails Developer Needed

    ANVIL PropertySmith is a cutting edge commercial & industrial property services company. Using disruptive technology to rapidly gain market share. ANVIL PropertySmith presents a unique opportunity for a coder who wishes to learn about the Commercial & Industrial Property Industry. Working in a...
  3. M

    VACANCY: Senior Business Analyst Team Leader

    Location: Pretoria Position type: Permanent Salary: R45000 - R60000 per month CTC RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Lead a team of business analysts and interns Responsible for the productivity of the Business Analysis department to support achieving departmental operational objectives...
  4. L

    Vacancy: Senior C++ Developer - Johannesburg or Cape Town

    Hi all I am looking for C++ Developers for my client in Johannesburg. This position can be based in JHB or CT. Pretty open on salary. If after reading the below you feel this is the role for you then please send your CV to LOOKING FOR UBER-TECHNICAL, BRIGHT...
  5. F

    C# Developer - Cape Town

    Hi All Nebula is looking for talented C# developers (ranging from junior to senior level) to join our product development team in Cape Town. Please take a minute to review the details about the job and the company and reach out to me if you are keen to chat further...

    SuperSport Forgets 'R'

    In which is propably the funniest typo on TV in a long time, SuperSport involuntarily insulted all 'player23's' by refering to 'Springbok Scrum Power' in an on-screen graphic during highlights of the game as 'Springbok Scum Power'!