security flaws

  1. Nod

    Multiple Vulnerabilities in BHU WiFi “uRouter”

    Source: IOActive Rest of the article and analysis as the link above. Be careful what you buy in China, and where you use it.
  2. M

    Security on

    I don't know how many of you reading this have ever tried switching to HTTPS on this site ( For such a high profile site, I find it unacceptable that it does not work over HTTPS and do so by default.
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    New holes discovered in latest Java versions

  4. M

    Windows XP and Firefox take 25-year lead in security flaws

  5. M

    Apple issues update addressing 38 security vulnerabilities

  6. L

    Point of PUK?

    So, dazed (as I occasionally am) I incorrectly put my PIN number in three times, requiring the PUK number. I look on my account page on the Vodacom website only to find that the mentioned PUK number is 100% incorrect. So, I ask my mother for her phone, dial 114 and this is where I just...