1. P

    The Best Popcorn

    Put some oil in a pot (enough to make a thin film across the whole pot). Put lots of salt into pot as well. Put pot on high-heat stove and put kernels in. Put about 1/4-1/2 tsp butter in pot along with kernels oil and salt. Shake about. Cover and when it starts popping keep lid slightly ajar...
  2. M

    Malema puts the record straight If this is true, we all owe Julius an apology!
  3. Rouxenator

    Fetish for religous outfits (Nun habit, Muslim burka, etc...)

    I was wondering if there are other out there that also find these very restrictive clothes erotic. While this is completely the opposite effect they should have one you I think this is what makes them so appealing to some. I know in some adult shops you can buy sexy latex and PVC version of...