sms roaming

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    International Roaming

    Hi there, I have a voice and Data package with Afrihost. Does this mean I am considered a Prepaid customer on the MTN Network? I am travelling to Saudi Arabia and according to their website there is no SMS Roaming option for Prepaid customers.
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    MTN sms roaming deactivation issue

    Just returned from overseas. Activated MTN sms roaming before leaving and deactivated on return. Checked sms roaming status using ussd and says inactivated. Am able to receive calls and sms and data works but unable to make calls. This is occurring on three sim cards all handled in the same...
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    MTN Roaming

    if you are still thinking of holidays outside the country: follow these tips that can help ease your life. ;)
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    Vodacom SMS Roaming Rates - USA

    Hi, I'm currently in the USA and am on Vodacom SMS Roaming (I'm on a Talk 120s contract). The network operator I've picked up is T-mobile. Can anyone help me with the rates that I'll be paying for sending and receiving an SMS? The T-Mobile international rates are: $0.35 to send and $0.05 to...