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    Off site backup for home computers

    I would like to backup the 3 computers at my house to an offsite location (perhaps another family members house). What i need: Software: I need software on each of the computers that will automatically backup the computers (perhaps weekly) to the offsite location, Hardware: I would also need...
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    The DashDrive Elite UE700

    The DashDrive Elite UE700 Satisfy your Need for Storage Follow the link to view our range of Storage units: External and Internal Storage Behemoth Technology For further information regarding processors or any other products from B-Technology please don't hesitate to drop us an email at...
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    Esquire introduces Freecom Storage solutions

    Hi All Please take a look at the new Freecom storage solutions we introducing to our reseller channel. These products just arrived today and only available in Midrand at the moment ESQ