storage solutions

  1. GipsyD

    Networking a CCTV DVR to store recorded footage on central Server?

    So let me explain this as best I can.... Very recently, one of our Durban branches was broken into. Now this has scared the living daylights out of the top brass, and have now made security around all branches the number one priority. This order comes straight from my CEO. Now we have opted...
  2. B

    Off site backup for home computers

    I would like to backup the 3 computers at my house to an offsite location (perhaps another family members house). What i need: Software: I need software on each of the computers that will automatically backup the computers (perhaps weekly) to the offsite location, Hardware: I would also need...
  3. B

    The DashDrive Elite UE700

    The DashDrive Elite UE700 Satisfy your Need for Storage Follow the link to view our range of Storage units: External and Internal Storage Behemoth Technology For further information regarding processors or any other products from B-Technology please don't hesitate to drop us an email at...
  4. G

    Custom Height FileCabinets

    Hi I'm looking for a (or a bunch) of file cabinets that have higher drawers than normal. The normal file cabinets you get out there are +- 30cm heigh (individual drawers). I'm looking for file cabinets that are between 40-50cm in height and width. The depth of the cabinet is not that...
  5. E

    Esquire introduces Freecom Storage solutions

    Hi All Please take a look at the new Freecom storage solutions we introducing to our reseller channel. These products just arrived today and only available in Midrand at the moment ESQ