1. M

    Best Laptop April 2015

    Hi, I bought my gf a macbook pro for R18k this weekend (including R1.1k for a mouse!!) It wasn' the big screen or the 2015 spec either. Its great, but absurdly overpriced IMO. For myself, I would really like something really good for about R13k (max R15k incl. any software (MS Office I have...
  2. LazyLion

    The Cash Register Rings its Last Sale

    Ka-ching! The cash register may be on its final sale. Stores across the U.S. are ditching the old-fashioned, clunky machines and having salespeople - and even shoppers themselves - ring up sales on smartphones and tablet computers. Barneys New York, a luxury retailer, this year plans to...
  3. LazyLion

    Another Blow to the Google and Apple Online Stores in South Africa

    Despite having to already comply with silly South African censorship requirements from the FPB, now those foreign businesses who want to sell e-books, music and other digital goods will have to register as VAT vendors in South Africa.
  4. B

    Rectron price list

    I'm in the process of planning a new PC, but obviously want to try and avoid the ridiculous prices that some (or most) stores charge for components. If anyone has the latest CT rectron pricelist that they can send to me (PM), it would help a lot. If the regions don't differ in terms of...