1. H

    A better COVID poll, 2022 plan of action

    Hey all, Previous COVID poll is stupid. Like one user pointed out it is a false dilemma, even though the poster stated if you only had 2 choices. So instead of arguing over the poll, let's stop having black and white world polls.
  2. N

    My Game - Legions At War

    Hi ladies and gents I would love the share my project for the past 3 years with you guys Legions At War as a new turn based strategy game inspired by an all time classic... Chess Legions at war will be fully cross platform, making use of web based data-basing to store all save games. The...
  3. LazyLion

    Mokonyane Details Eldorado Park Anti-Drug Plan

    Four children, including an eight-year-old, have been removed from "lolli lounges" in Eldorado Park in the past week, Gauteng premier Nomvula Mokonyane said on Wednesday. "Four children have been taken away and they are now in alternative centres because of their vulnerability," Mokonyane...
  4. LazyLion

    SAA Adds Wings in Fresh Plan
  5. jes

    Neotel's bold new broadband strategy

    Neotel's bold new broadband strategy Neotel has big plans in the broadband market with new devices and new broadband packages to be launched soon
  6. K

    Your MW2 stats/set up.

    I'm quite interested to see other people's class set ups and stats (kill/death ratio, win/loss ratio, headshots, hours played, etc.) Maybe we can derive some new strategy here. I'll get my stats up after I log in tonight but my class set up is as follows: Primary: Ump with silencer and...