1. K

    Best Tailors/Suit Makers in Cape Town

    Hi Please could someone advise as to the best tailors/suit makers in Cape Town? I am looking for a luxury, high quality suit, whereby budget is not an issue. It need not be a tailor with a fantastic website etc, just one who makes truly incredible suits. Thanks
  2. O broken videos

    Hi Anyone using to download series? I have been trying to download but all the downloaded videos are broken. How can I solve this problem? If there's similar site can anyone share? Many thanks.
  3. D

    Men Suits

    Hi All, Where is the place to buy good quality suites for men (JHB) and also to rent suits for the best men. Not interested in the Armani like suits which will set you back R24k. Looking to spend on average R5 - R8k Thanks
  4. NeonNinja

    3 suites for R2499

    3 suits for R2499 3 suits for R2499 Saw a poster while travelling on the M1. Anyone know more info about this? Website? First hand?
  5. Zenbaas

    Places in JHB to buy a suit...?

    Hi Have been going to a few places looking for suits and was wondering if anybody knew of any places in JHB that are reasonably priced and has a large selection...? Thanks