1. ChantalMichelle

    Team Lead

    Team Lead. R80k. Rosebank, JHB. Job Purpose: Responsible for: • Team Management: – leading, – mentoring – and motivating a team of application implementers at various client sites • Client Management – relationship with the client – Networking for new work at existing client...
  2. H

    Overwatch Competitive S3

    I'm curious if anyone else is interested in perhaps forming a team to play "casual competitive"? By that I mean have some mild form of structure and times to practice and play competitive on a regular basis. Not meant to be super serious. I just found in S2, being still relatively new to the...
  3. S


    SovTech is an innovative Johannesburg based tech company and business software provider, and we aim to become the leading technology partner to small and large companies in South Africa. We work across web, mobile, ecommerce, digital marketing, custom software, and SaaS products such as document...
  4. IanM

    Fifa 13 Ultimate team Fifa points

    Hi! For the past week or so I'm not able to buy Fifa points in FUT on Xbox. It gives me a pop-up... "We're sorry, but you currently can't add FIFA points. Please try again later." :confused: I have cleared my cache, but didn't help in any shape or form. I have purchased before and have...
  5. LazyLion

    Malema defends Team SA
  6. EnchanterG

    Looking for group: Borderlands Co-Op on Xbox 360!

    Hey, as the thread title suggests I'm really keen to play some Borderlands Co-Op with SA based players. Currently have a level 8 Hunter and really would like to see how team play goes. Message Diamond Llama for more info on Xbox Live or send me a PM here. (Gamertag message would be better!)...