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    How can write a script/file to run commands to open BitPay in Ubuntu

    I'm trying to get a faster way to open the BitPay wallet on Linux (ubuntu). It requires me to write this every time in the terminal: $ cd Desktop $ cd BitPay-linux $ ./BitPay Is there a way to condense this into one script/file that I can run instead?
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    Permission Denied in SSH (Mac -> Ubuntu)

    Hi, I am having issues doing a standard ssh login from my MacBook Pro into my Ubuntu 12.04 microserver. In the terminal I typed: ssh -l HPServer HPServer@'s password: Lets say HPServers password is 123 for example. I enter that. I just get this error...
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    Make Your Mac Sing

    Gang dang but there are loads of ways to waste one's time. :) Am loving the "say" command in terminal. Spent Saturday night making my MacBook sing. Yes, I need a life. But check out the results here.
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    Free or Open Source alternative to HyperTerminal?

    Hi all. Does anyone know of a free and/or open source alternative to HyperTerminal? I am currently using the following program to access certain features on our PBX: HyperTerminal Private Edition ver. 7.0. This was installed for me by our service provider, but it is a 30 trial version, and is...