1. 4

    Getting Started with Unreal Tournament 4!!!

    There are South African servers! UT4 Pre alpha is out and playable, a new version comes out every Friday evening. Each time a new version is released, bugs are fixed and things change a little. - Signup for UT forums if you want to play...
  2. A

    New UT2004 Servers!

    Hi, I have created 2 new UT2004 servers for the South African community. 1 Duel 1on1 DM Server 1 DM/TDM/CTF Server Bother servers have the latest UTComp and AntiTCC. The servers are located in Johannesburg. ut2004:// ut2004://
  3. T

    New Dota 2 players, wanting to join a clan(Supports and/or junglers)

    Hey :) I'm new-ish to dota 2 but I'm forming a new clan. WOuld prefer new ish players too, but dedicated(as far as they can help it). we plan to join tournament ect. SUpports and/or junglers preferred but talk to me, and we can see? Regards
  4. QuintonB

    Gamers stream in for the Intel Extreme Masters competition

    Are gamers the next Olympians? As the London Games drew to a close, thousands of professional videogame players geared up for an event that can be as lucrative as winning a gold medal.
  5. Q

    Upcoming SA Leagues and Tournaments website

    Hey guys! A website recently launched with the objective of growing the SA Console gaming community. They have created a website with allot of tourneys and competitions! And yes there are prizes!:love: Please go check out the website and register with your Team/Clan. We need...
  6. K

    Quake 3 Multi-player Local Server

    Howsit, I'm looking for ppl to play multi-player on the Quake 3 Arena Local SAIX server. Haven' t player in a long time, and think it would be awesome to play again. If anybody knows of a Local "Unreal Tournament 2004" server where people play often, please give me the details as I can't...
  7. I

    Battle of the Clans, New website released

    Hi guys/girls,