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  1. O

    Mweb fibre and VOIP problems with Ghost calls

    Hi there New to fibre - Ditched Telkom and moved to Mweb fibre and ported the landline to Mweb. Well their fibre router worked for a week, then we can connect to it but without internet connection. Installed new TP link router with good wifi signal, but now the yealink wp52 cordless VOIP phone...
  2. L

    how to setup a ftth connection with tp link archer d9?

    i want to setup a ftth connection from bsnl the new fibro uld pack 777 with a tp link archer d9 ac1900 wireless dual band gigabit adsl2+, modem router
  3. Mjc65

    Cloud Camera Issue

    Hi guys, bit of an issue, a Techie updated the firmware for a TP-Link NC200 Cloud Camera, after the upgrade i cant reset or connect to the unit via wireless or wired, tried all the TP-Link tools, no IP is assigned, anyway of getting into it at all? Thanks
  4. B

    TP-Link 450mbps Dual-Band Wireless N Gigabit router TL-WR2543ND [S]

    Item name: TP-Link 450mbps Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit router TL-WR2543ND Age and condition: Bought in September 2012. In good condition. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: No longer need range extender. Price: R250 Location: Muizenberg / Tokai Shipping or collection...
  5. G

    Network cuts out every few minutes. Urgent help needed please!

    Hi all. Im really hoping someone can help me... In the past few months I have gone through almost 5 routers/modems/extenders. None seem to be any better than the rest. I used to use a pretty basic netgear modem. I only operated in 2.4 Ghz, and worked perfectly. Recently though, I've...
  6. C

    Neotel NeoGo (ZTE AC 2736) with TP Link MR 3220

    Okay ... So I thought I get one of those new Neotel packages (NeoConnect Home, phone + 5gb on a usb modem) combining the slightly less brick looking phone and some internetz. But if I'm going to do that then I would prefer to go the wireless route. Also have an xbox and motorola defy so ya...