1. DrJohnZoidberg

    Looking for MythTV assistance. My brain is exploding.

    I have now officially searched the entire internet on how to fix my problem to no avail. I have set up mythtv backend, everything works great in the frontend, except I get no sound. I am using a analog tuner and have tried using a cable from the tv card output to line in on my soundcard -...
  2. LazyLion

    4Gb Thumb drive with TV tuner records up to 20 hours!

    http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/?p=1537 Only problem is... will it work in SA? esp with the digital switch over?
  3. M

    Owners of Digital TV (DVB-T) receivers unite

    As most of you might have heard, the "Digital TV switch on" officially occurred on Nov 1st. However, I have not been able to pick up any digital channels here in Pretoria (Brummeria) with my Compro USB TV tuner (U2800F hybrid analog and DVB-T). Please post here if any of you have been able...