1. D

    GALAXY S3 Unroot help please

    Hi guys, I have installed CyanogenMod on my phone, now I want to sell the phone but the buyer wants the stock OS loaded. I have looked everywhere for a download link for the stock ROM, South African version. Has anyone here installed the stock ROM, unrooted their phone? Is it even...
  2. Rouxenator

    Unroot & Restore Galaxy S i9000

    So I got my Galaxy S today and rooted it, installed CM9 and it worked OK for a while except it randomly rebooted. This was with CM9.1.0 stable. Now I want to recover it but cannot seem to get it working. I have already tried flashing in the official 2.3.6 firmware with Odin but when its done...
  3. T

    Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S - Have you tried it?

    Hi guys, I've finally gotten my first decent phone in years (always bought the crappy ones in favour of bigger Game vouchers) and I have to say, the Samsung Galaxy S is absolutely amazing, loving every second of it. Of course, with all things bright and beautiful, there are some grey...