1. Polymathic

    The Premium PC Games For Free Thread

    This is thread is for informing members of giveaways of Free PC games. Whenever you come across of any of these giveaways please post it here. Right Now Shadow Warrior 2 is free on GOG for the next 40 hours: https://www.gog.com/game/shadow_warrior_2
  2. K

    uPlay Unrecoverable Error

    Hi guys, So I been trying to sort out this new issue I been having with uPlay. When I launch uPlay, it will show the uPlay login window then show an error about an unrecoverable error and that it needs to shut down. What I have tried so far was to uninstall uPlay and then reinstall it...
  3. QuintonB

    Digital tax in SA: who's charging more?

    Digital VAT in SA: who pays? South Africa now requires companies to collect VAT on digital goods and services sold here, but which international companies do?
  4. D

    Watch Dogs Season Pass - Will it work with CD Game?

    Hi There, So I pre ordered the Watch Dogs game from Kalahari, And now ubisoft has brought out the DLC for it (or the season pass) So I wanted to find out, Since I bought the Game Physically, Could I buy the DLC off steam? Or should I buy it off Uplay store? would it work with the physical game...