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    Unreal tournament Pre Alpha

    Good Day Fellow PC Gamers To those who don't know Unreal tournament is a franchise dating back to 1999 that is all about frantic fagging and fast game-play,it redefined the first person shooting genre and it includes different game modes such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag similar to the...
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    Unreal tournament Pre Allpha

    NULL PLEASE REMOVE THREAD MODS null please remove thread moderators sorry accidentally made a duplicate of my thread thanx
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    Getting Started with Unreal Tournament 4!!!

    There are South African servers! UT4 Pre alpha is out and playable, a new version comes out every Friday evening. Each time a new version is released, bugs are fixed and things change a little. https://forums.unrealtournament.com - Signup for UT forums if you want to play...
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    New UT2004 Servers!

    Hi, I have created 2 new UT2004 servers for the South African community. 1 Duel 1on1 DM Server 1 DM/TDM/CTF Server Bother servers have the latest UTComp and AntiTCC. The servers are located in Johannesburg. ut2004:// ut2004://