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    PostNet / QNOMORE inflated car licence renewal prices

    I would just like to bring something to people's attention in the event there is something fishy going on with PostNet and QNOMORE car licence renewals. It seems that PostNet / QNOMORE is overcharging people for their car licences. The standard traffic department fee for my car licence renewal...
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    Duplicate Registration Papers from Overseas

    Hi guys If anyone can help me, I am trying to find out how to obtain the eNatis car registration document from overseas. Does anyone know the process? I am based in Sydney, and my vehicle is stuck in Johannesburg. I see that you can do it in the Western Cape - but no information is given for...
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    Tranfer of Ownership of damaged vehicle

    Hi there, My scooter has been off the road for about 6 months due to some mechanical issues. I am now going to sell it privately as is for the buyer to fix it himself. The scooter is registered on my name with the license valid for another year. However, I am concerned about the change of...
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    Lost Registration/Log Book - Do I need it to sell my Vehicle?

    Hey guys I'm busy trying to sell my VW Polo and I've lost the original logbook/registration, all I have is the past 5 years worth of licence docs(the ones that come with the license disk). What I'm trying to find out is whether the license docs are sufficient for a buyer to register my car...
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    Gauteng New Vehicle Registration

    I just (2 months ago) finished paying off my car, and I need to register it on my name. Where can I go for new vehicle registrations in Jhb/Pta. It is a new vehicle right? I'm thinking Nellmapius. Does anyone know where I can find contact info. All the government sites are full of dead...