vps provider

  1. Wolfe&Co

    Absolute Hosting saved my business in 2022!!

    Hi MyBB Forum.. just sharing my heartwarming experience with Absolute Hosting... So back in October 2019 we launched our first company Wolfe&Co. not knowing what the web design industry had in store for us, as any web design company, web hosting comes quite naturally as both a sales tool and a...
  2. bchip

    VPS Server

    Hi I'm looking to run some software on a VPS, must have good latency and is inexpensive. Just wondering if there are any recommendations? Thank you
  3. G

    IPv6 capable VPS providers in South Africa

    I just asked six different South African VPS providers if they could give me a server with an IPv6 address. All six said "no", they only do IPv4. Now I'm wondering if I have somehow teleported back to pre-2012... :( I'm sure some of the enterprise, private cloud-type providers can do this. But...
  4. F

    Anyone have any experience with Datakeepers VPS hosting?

    On the datakeepers.co.za and virtualservers.co.za website they stated. "We're quite certain that we've been doing this longer than anyone else around here, so we've really got the hang of it. We have the knowledge, expertise and in-depth experience to provide you with precisely what you need –...
  5. R

    VPS - Who are any good?

    Hi I am looking for a VPS/Cloud provider that can actually keep there VPS's live. I am not interested in any of these companies any more. AXXESS, Afrihost or MWEB. Dont bother asking why not. I am sure there are enough discussions about their lack of knowledge and support that does not...