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  1. Jan

    How to protect your home from crime during load-shedding

    Protect your home against crime during load-shedding South Africans must ensure they have adequate backup power to run their alarm systems, security lights, and cameras when load-shedding kicks in. The Institute for Security Studies recently warned that robberies increased during the fresh...
  2. Jan

    Fidelity using drones to fight crime

    Security drones are fighting crime in South African neighbourhoods South African security company Fidelity recently started using drones to deter and track criminals who attempt to rob homes and property in residential estates. The drones, which come in both fixed-wing and multi-rotor...
  3. Jan

    Private security and police prepare on reports planned insurrection on 23 August

    Ready for action — Against the plot to bring South Africa to its knees on 23 August Private security firms like Fidelity are ready to support the South African Police Service (SAPS) if there is another outbreak of public violence. Wahl Bartmann, CEO of Fidelity Services Group, said his...
  4. Jan

    Tricks criminals use to get through electric fences - Bull Security and Fidelity ADT

    How criminals get through electric fences — and what you can do about it Electric fences are not impenetrable and South Africans should be aware of the methods criminals use to bypass this widely-used security measure. MyBroadband recently spoke to Fidelity CEO Wahl Bartmann and Bull Security...