water restrictions

  1. B

    Water delivery service in east rand?

    We needed to carry out repairs on our swimming pool and this will be complete in a week or two's time. After that it will need to be filled as we do not want the marbalite to crack. Having the current water restrictions in place we would pay a fine of around R6700 by filling it with the...
  2. schumi

    Level 2 water restrictions for Mother City

    Tammy Petersen, News24 Cape Town - The Cape Town City Council on Thursday approved level two water restrictions during its final council meeting for 2015. In a statement, the City said this would have implications on water accounts, while also getting residents to tighten up on their use...
  3. M

    It's storming like crazy in Cape Town

    The wrath of the Gods has been set upon Cape Town. It has been raining like crazy, with occasional lightning and thunder that scared the bejeezes out of me.