1. Jan

    WeBuyCars planning expansion in Egypt, Morocco

    Your used car could be worth much more than a year ago Many second-hand vehicles in South Africa are now worth more than a year ago. That is according to WeBuyCars founder and executive director Faan van der Walt, who was recently interviewed on Talk 702's The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield.
  2. Jan

    WeBuyCars Dome opens its doors

    WeBuyCars relaunches the Dome as a “super-showroom” WeBuyCars has launched its WeBuyCars Dome, a new "super-showroom" in Northgate, Johannesburg, capable of accommodating more than 1,000 vehicles. According to the company, that officially makes it the largest used vehicle showroom in Africa.
  3. Jan

    WeBuyCars had an excellent year

    WeBuyCars’ incredible performance — 88,000 cars sold and R10 billion in revenue WeBuyCars had an excellent year. Ecommerce sales doubled, and it is now selling around 8,000 vehicles per month.
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    Big WeBuyCars Dome plans in detail

    Big WeBuyCars Dome plans in detail MyBroadband has received a detailed master plan showing the envisioned layout of the massive new WeBuyCars dealership at the former TicketPro Dome entertainment venue. In July, WeBuyCars confirmed it purchased the popular venue in Northgate, Johannesburg, to...
  5. Jan

    WeBuyCars merger with Transaction Capital approved

    WeBuyCars deal approved The Competition Tribunal has unconditionally approved the large merger between Transaction Capital and WeBuyCars, the regulator announced on Monday. Transaction Capital will increase its shareholding in WeBuyCars through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Transaction Capital...
  6. D

    WeBuyCars now Offering Dekra Roadworthy Vouchers - Your Thoughts...

    Hi Everyone, I noticed this morning on WeBuyCars' (WBC) Website that some of the vehicles now come with a "Dekra Roadworthy Voucher". Upon further inspection it seems that these are the Category A (Finance) Vehicles that do not require any additional work. It seems that these vehicles would be...
  7. Jan

    Transaction Capital deal to acquire WeBuyCars gets Competition Commission approval

    WeBuyCars sale to Transaction Capital gets green light The Competition Commission has recommended that the Competition Tribunal approve the proposed transaction, which will see Transaction Capital become the majority shareholder in WeBuyCars. It has recommended the transaction be approved...
  8. Jan

    Ticketpro Dome buyer revealed - it's WeBuyCars

    WeBuyCars to buy Ticketpro Dome in Northgate WeBuyCars, the biggest car-buying service in the country, is set to buy the Ticketpro Dome in Northgate. RX Venue Management, who managed the Ticketpro Dome for 20 years, announced yesterday that the Ticketpro Dome had been sold to new owners who do...
  9. Hanno Labuschagne

    The R4-billion success story of WeBuyCars

    The R4-billion success story of WeBuyCars WeBuyCars is a tremendous success story. Started in 2001 by two brothers, Faan and Dirk van der Walt, it is now a household name and generates billions in revenue. Buying, fixing, and selling cars are in the brothers’ blood. They started doing it as a...
  10. Hanno Labuschagne

    How many cars WeBuyCars sells in a month

    How many cars WeBuyCars sells in a month WeBuyCars is currently selling 6,925 vehicles per month with an average selling price of R112,000 per car. This was revealed in Transaction Capital’s results for the half year ended 31 March 2021. Transaction Capital is a 49.9% shareholder in WeBuyCars...
  11. J

    Is Webuycars reliable?

    The price difference between dealerships and Webuycars is quite significant. From my research, I have found that I will not get protected by CPA when buying from them. I am quite tempted to buy my first car from WBC but I am a bit skeptical about them. What was your experience of buying a car...
  12. J

    WeBuyCars launches new showroom in Johannesburg - Photos

    WeBuyCars launches new showroom in Johannesburg - Photos Second-hand car trading company WeBuyCars has opened a new warehouse in Aeroton, Johannesburg. The new showroom was built to accommodate the volume of vehicles bought and sold by the rapidly-growing company, and was completed just in...
  13. J

    WeBuyCars opening new warehouse in Joburg - Photos

    WeBuyCars opening new warehouse in Joburg - Photos WeBuyCars has announced that it is opening a new warehouse in Johannesburg South. The car dealer said that it would host a grand opening for its new location on 6 February 2019.
  14. vorman

    We Buy Cars, good or bad?

    Anyone used them? How was your experience? Someone I know told me he used them twice and they gave him what he expected for both vehicles. Although those vehicle were older models (2003-2008). I fill in the online form for my vehicle (2017 model with all warranties still intact) and they...