wifi mesh

  1. powermzii

    Mesh vs Dedicated APs

    We are finally getting Fibre in the complex in the next few months and am trying to plan out a small home network. House is a double story flat with bedrooms upstairs and living areas downstairs with combined floorspace of about 190sqm Currently I have Telkom LTE-A running off a Huawei B618...
  2. T

    mesh routing between properties

    I'm looking for recommendation for mesh routing between different properties about 50m apart where only one one property has fibre backhaul. I read that a mesh solution would be a better solution than trying to string together wireless repeaters. Does anyone have a recommendation about the best...
  3. Kloon

    CTWUG Meeting 23 May 2009

    <announcement> Dear Wuggers, Our next meeting will take place as follows: Date: 23 May 2009 Time 10h00 onwards Venue: Monte Vista Tennis Club There will be a braai again after the meeting, therefore bring your own chair, drinks, meat, glasses etc. Husbands/wives and children are...
  4. D

    Port Elizabeth Wifi Mesh ?

    The idea of a Mesh as in JHB sounds good any takers for a mesh in P.E? . Got a 4km link running already. Using SMC AP want to switch to Senoa cause the output on SMC is low.