Mesh vs Dedicated APs


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Jun 4, 2007
We are finally getting Fibre in the complex in the next few months and am trying to plan out a small home network. House is a double story flat with bedrooms upstairs and living areas downstairs with combined floorspace of about 190sqm

Currently I have Telkom LTE-A running off a Huawei B618 with the network extended using an el-cheapo range extender (seriously it was like R300). Get decent coverage throughout the house with this setup through some pretty thick walls and coverage even extends somewhat into the limited front and back gardens.

Been looking into either:
  1. Getting a mesh network installed with 2 or 3 satellites connected to the main mesh unit, either Ubiquiti Amplifi Instant / HD or Netgear Orbi / Tenda Nova Mesh
  2. Getting a proper Access-point based setup - couple of Ubiquiti / APs
Devices to cater for:
  • 2 TVs streaming HD
  • 2 Smartphones
  • Future smart devices (switches, home assistants, streaming boxes)
  • Couple of laptops

Which would you guys recommend and on the mesh side - have any of you tried / have this setup installed and whats the verdict?


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Jan 12, 2016
Dedicated AP's will always be better. Sure takes more time and effort, and costs more, but performance is also way better.


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Nov 11, 2013
I bought the Amplifi to play with, does everything well, but doesn’t support DDNS.

Mesh setup work great!

I use to be a Netgear guy, but 4 years back the products with that genie suck.

Using Apple Airport Extreme, neat and does everything, give me a 100mbps over wifi, same with Amplifi.