access points

  1. Thestealth

    2 x Mikrotik cAP ac Dual Band AP's for sale

    Item name (be very descriptive): 2 x MikroTik cAP ac Dual Band AC PoE Ceiling Mount AP's for sale Age and condition: About 1.5 years. Brand new condition - no scratches or anything. Any dust residue will be included at no extra cost :) Do you include packaging: Yes & No - I have the box for one...
  2. M

    What access point can I use to control data usage and bandwith

    Hi I want to provide free internet access at my business for my customers. Is there an access point device that will automatically allocate a data usage cap and control bandwith to every device that connects to the wifi?
  3. powermzii

    Mesh vs Dedicated APs

    We are finally getting Fibre in the complex in the next few months and am trying to plan out a small home network. House is a double story flat with bedrooms upstairs and living areas downstairs with combined floorspace of about 190sqm Currently I have Telkom LTE-A running off a Huawei B618...