1. B

    Help please hosting for Woocommerce

    Hi Web designers who work with Wordpress, Woocommerce and Divi... who do you recommend for hosting? I’m specifically looking for hosting that can handle my client’s online shop of about 5gb through Woocommerce and Divi. My current hosting has the space but not the resources like CPU, I/O etc...
  2. squirrel

    WooCommerce Major & Outlying Areas?

    Hello everyone. A client of mine has requested to charge R100 for major areas and R120 for outlying areas. The website is build with WooCommerce. What's the easiest method for determining major/outlying area?
  3. B

    Wordpress JQuery Smooth-scroll help needed please.

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place for this question but I'm hoping some mastermind takes pity on me and provides me with a solution! Backstory - I created a one page Wordpress site about 2 years ago by googling for solutions/videos and after a week or two I then got it to work...
  4. G

    Wordpress / Woocommerce php developers

    Hi there, We are looking to move our development or at least a portion of our development from India back to South Africa and need to find a developer or a company that can assist on strategy and actual coding for an ecommerce store. Are there any recommendations with regards to people we could...
  5. AVermeulen

    Pargo/WooCommerce/WordPress Question

    Hi Everyone I have a quick question. Anyone running WooCommerce with Pargo's plugin and it's working fine? If so, could you please tell me which versions of WordPress, WooCommerce and Pargo you're using? Seems impossible to get this info from their support as I have to remind them every 5-9...
  6. P

    Add payfast fees to woocommerce order page

    I wonder if this feature request would interest any other woocommerce shop owners: http://ideas.woocommerce.com/forums/133476-woocommerce/suggestions/36320923-add-gateway-fees-to-order This image illustrates how it could look: It can't be that hard to develop, so hopefully if enough people...
  7. O

    Fastway Couriers Integration into Woocommerce...help!

    I'm setting up an online store for my retail business and the only thing holding back the launch is setting up the shipping. I'm currently using Fastway pre-paid satchels for email orders and want to use them for my website, however I can't seem to get the integration right. I bought the...
  8. C

    WooCommerce sites

    Has anyone used the woocommerce plugin before on some sites i can check out?
  9. squirrel

    Woocommerce bulk upload variable products?

    Hello, I'm looking for a solution to bulk upload about 10 products that come in a variety of 'finishes' - 2 or 3 attributes that form a new product with a new SKU. As a result there are around 50 versions of the same product. I have all of them in CSV format. I've tried WP All Import but...