wordpress hosting

  1. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    Good(ish) WordPress themes vs Bad WordPress themes

    Wanted to share my experience with the community as its not often that we get to beta test sites on a server that hasn't been put into production. Without revealing too much, we have a server prepped for deployment and are currently working through a checklist of things to get done before the...
  2. Wolfe&Co

    Absolute Hosting saved my business in 2022!!

    Hi MyBB Forum.. just sharing my heartwarming experience with Absolute Hosting... So back in October 2019 we launched our first company Wolfe&Co. not knowing what the web design industry had in store for us, as any web design company, web hosting comes quite naturally as both a sales tool and a...
  3. Ani-D

    WordPress optimized web hosting

    Hi, firstly an awesome new year to everyone! I'm new here, so please forgive me if this has already been addressed. I am looking for a WordPress optimized web host. Also need WHM & CPanel. I have been looking at IveCloud, Domains.co.za and Host King, just doing a Google search. I am currently...
  4. K

    Beta Testers Required - New WordPress Server

    Good afternoon MyBB. In the pursuit of ever improved WordPress hosting services we have launched a new server catered toward WordPress and are looking to run a beta test for some real world usage and feedback from those who participate. If you are keen on taking part in this beta test for the...