Beta Testers Required - New WordPress Server

Kyle @

Absolute Hosting Representative
Nov 30, 2020
Good afternoon MyBB.

In the pursuit of ever improved WordPress hosting services we have launched a new server catered toward WordPress and are looking to run a beta test for some real world usage and feedback from those who participate.

If you are keen on taking part in this beta test for the next 1 - 3 months in return for some feedback or just want to test out the new server please leave us a comment below and we will get back to you within the next couple of days with further details and a PM to each of those that are interested.

You will be able to keep the service active at the end of the beta test and we will provide a 20% discount coupon for those who participated and contributed or you can simply leave the service to expire and we will terminate the account for you.
Hi ADrunkTeddyBear, DuracellBunny & jezzad

Thank you for the interest, we'll send you a PM with further details within a day or 2 :)
Hi guys,

There are still a few spaces open. As soon as we are ready to start we'll send everyone that has show interest a PM. Thanks to everyone for all the interest so far :)
Happy Friday guys,

Thank you all for your patience while we were getting the server ready for the beta launch.

I'll be sending a private message to all those who have requested participation in the next few minutes with further details.

There are still plenty of spots open for anyone else who would like to take part so please do let us know if you are keen.
Some background info on this Beta.

The service is hosted on our latest AMD EPYC Milan VPS host so we hope that the speeds are decent.
As always, please push the service to its limit :)

Litespeed Enterprise is available so be sure to install the WP LS Plugin for your test sites.

Happy beta testing!
Hi @wimsza

Thank you for your interest.
I have added you to one of our private groups and you should be able to find details regarding the beta there. :)
Good morning @labratza

Thank you for joining in.
I have added you to a private group now where you will find details regarding the beta signup.
Hi @TsOx

I have added you to a private group now where you will find info regarding the beta signup, welcome aboard and thank you for your interest in participating.