1. GipsyD

    Registering Pastel Partner as a workstation over a VPN?

    Recently, I've been asked to create a VPN server using Windows Server 2016. The VPN is created, and all users can log in using their allocated usernames and passwords. Now, I've been told that I need to register our workstations onto Pastel via the VPN. I can see the shared drives via the VPN...
  2. Damez_Mod

    96 Thread CFD Behemoth

    Hi everyone, As per the suggestion by a comment on our blog post - some of you here might be interested in a build we completed quite recently. Build of the Week: 96 Thread CFD Behemoth - Modena Computers That's "Part 1" if you will. Part 2 which still needs to be posted involves swapping out...
  3. Kayge

    J20 Workstation - Considering buying this

    Hi All, I am considering buying the J20 Workstation. See the attached brochure I got from the Chinese contact from the company. He is willing to sell it to me with freight shipping to Durban harbour for $1700 which is half the cost of the price in the US if i was there and buying it. I...
  4. rubber_otter

    [Sale] HP Z400 Workstation

    Item: HP Z400 WS Age: Unknown Warranty: None Condition: Very good Location: PTA East Reason: Bought it from a company that upgraded Shipping: It's heavy, so i would advise against it. Collection: Sure, after 17h30 in the week. Price: R5000 Link: HP's Z400 Workstation - HP's Z400 Workstation Runs...
  5. N

    Workstation: Laptop vs. Desktop (+OS)

    Out of interest to see what everyone uses daily at work, I thought I'd ask this. So what do you use primarily? A laptop or a desktop? What OS is your primary OS on your primary workstation? (Request for a poll to be made has been sent).
  6. D

    VPN Help - Connecting remotely to a LAN Point-Of-Sales system while traveling abroad

    Hello :)! I currently have POS workstations connected via LAN to a server that is on the same premises, each with static IPs. I now acquired a Tablet-PC running Windows 8.1 with the same POS software installed, it works perfectly within the same network via LAN or WiFi and now I want to...
  7. jes

    HP launches HP Z workstations

    HP launches HP Z workstations HP shooting for high performance, customizability and serviceability with Z1 workstation range
  8. M

    Where can I get the Asus P8B WS LGA 1155 motherboard in SA?

    I'm looking at building a new workstation, and would like to build it based on the Asus P8B WS motherboard. As far as I can tell, no one stocks these in SA. Anyone know why it's not available here yet? Is it perhaps released under another name? If I'm unable to find one, does anyone...
  9. R

    CAD Laptop Advice

    Hi Guys! yes this is my second post in about a yr! Im in a dilemma a the moment. im a desktop fundi, but now i need a laptop. ive always despised them laptops an now im gonna have to eat my pride. the thing is, i know close to nothing about laptops when in comes to price vs performance and...
  10. rpm

    Treadmill workstation brings exercise to office

    Treadmill workstation brings exercise to office