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    Removing jTag on Xbox 360 #AskingForAFriend

    Hey guys, My friend bought an Xbox 360 60GB HDD that was jTagged(he can't connect to Xbox Live or the internet and it has funny skins on's a mess). Is there a way to remove that software so it can just be a normal Xbox 360?
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    Looking buy for 2 old xbox 360 games

    Hi All, I'm looking for the following 2 games by 50 Cent for xbox 360: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand 50 Cent: Bulletproof anyone have one or both of these lying around, I'm to buy them from you. thank you, flynn
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    Rugby Challenge 3 discussion

    Reminder: I am bad at english. Rugby Challenge 3 is finally coming to South Africa 22 April. Lets use this thread to talk about all the features in this game. In be a pro i am going to be a flanker or a wing or center. Lets hope this will be better than Rugby 15. For those who don't know...
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    XBOX 360 Elite, Kinect, 2 contollers, games + HD-DVD Player and some HD-DVD's [S]

    Item: XBOX 360 bundled with Kinect, games, 2 controllers and an HD-DVD player with some movies/series - see picture attached to thread. Age: 5 Years old Warranty: N/A Packaging: Yes Condition: As new Location: Fairlands Reason: No longer being used Collection: Yes Price: 4000
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    XBOX 360 Elite + Kinect, games and HD-DVD player with movies.

    Selling my awesome Xbox 360 with an array of assorted and limited edition games such as Halo and Gears of war - 33 games in total. Comes with 2 controllers with play and charge cables as well as one headset. Age and condition: Kinect is 3 years old and the XBOX is 5 years old Do you include...
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    Call Of Duty BO2 Servers Down??

    Hi guys as per the website the servers are down been trying to get online for 2 hours now Xbox (360) Live is online.:mad:
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    Using Cell C ZTE MF190 Speedstick Unable to play on Xbox Live

    Good day fellow members. I am willing to provide as much info as possible to resolve my issue :) **The Plan** Last night I received my package from Takealot (Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 + 32gb Transcend usb 3.0 flashdrive) I thought I would be able to pop the game into my xbox install it to...
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    [S] XBox 360 (with 3 games)

    Item name: XBox 360 250GB Age and condition: Excellent. Bought December 2013 (1yr 6m) Do you include packaging: Yes (original packaging) Reason for selling: Upgraded to XBOne Price: R1,800 Negotiable: Yes Location: Cape Town - shipping at buyers expense Includes 3 original titles: Halo 4...
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    Got a 360 250gb at House and home for R1200

    My friend told me he got a ps3 at electric express for R1000 so I went looking at some furniture shops and a guy at House and home told me they had a 250gb 360 for 1.2 so I took it. I don't think many people know that these furniture shops have stock lying around and clearance sales are quite...
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    [S] Xbox 360 500Gb + Kinetic + Headset

    Item name: Black 500GB XBOX 360 Age and condition: Less than a year, Perfect Condition Do you include packaging: No, can have a look though Warranty: Might still be under warranty ? Reason for selling: Never use the thing Price: R2200 Negotiable: Slightly Location: Randburg Shipping or...
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    [S] Xbox 360 500 Gb w/ 2x Controllers, 2x Games + Charging Dock

    Item name: Xbox 360 250Gb Console (apologies for the thread title misinformation) Age and condition: 2 Years, Good condition Do you include packaging: Yes (except for the charging bay) Warranty: No Reason for selling: Started focusing more on studies and work so no time for gaming...
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    Xbox 360 - Arcade Bundle [S]

    Item name: Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle Age and condition: Approx 3 years, good condition Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: No time to use it Price: R2000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Cape Town Shipping or collection: Collection Bundle Includes: 2 x wireless...
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    Bypass HDCP

    Hi Guys, Im not sure if this topic has already been covered, but i'm gna give it a shot anyway. As anyone with an HD capture device (for Xbox 360/PS3) will know, you cannot capture DSTV, they Block you through HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), basically, the decoder recognizes...
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    Windows 8 homegroup network

    Currently running 2 windows 8 computers on my home network, both running as media servers through the homegroup, with 2 xbox 360's and a win 7 laptop connecting to them. Everything works fine with the exception that every so often (2-3 days) both the xbox's display the "No videos found" error...
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    Price points for second hand older consoles - XBOX 360, Wii, Sony PS3

    I recently sold an XBOX 360 Arcade with 256 MB Memory module and 2 wireless controllers for R1300. I had a ton of people contacting me and the unit was sold quite quickly. I'm interested to ascertain what MyBB users have found when selling their old consoles through classifieds and what Joe...
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    Xbox 360 Bundle [S]

    Item name: Xbox 360 Slim 250GB / Kinect Sensor / 2x Wireless Controllers / Forza 4 / Forza Horizon / GTA 5 / Red Dead Redemption GoTY Age and condition: ±2yrs and very good condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Unfortunately don't get time to play Price...
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    Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) for PS3 & XBOX360 [S]

    Item name: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) for PS3 & XBOX360 Age and condition: Brand new. Never Opened. Do you include packaging: Factory Sealed Retail Packaging Warranty: I'll provide warranty against Out of box failure Reason for selling: Unwanted gifts...
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    Xbox 360 License Transfer

    Hi Guys, So I recently started playing Xbox 360. I quite enjoy it to be honest.(And I am a PC Gamer)ssssshhhh.. Anyway. What I was wondering. a Friend of mine have been playing for quite some time now, he convinced me to buy some games, and now he wants to 'borrow' them with a License...
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    Tech deals this weekend (14 February 2014)

    Tech deals this weekend (14 February 2014) Consumers can save thousands of rands this weekend from the major retailers which are offering special prices and trade-in deals on tech products