xiaomi redmi 9a

  1. Jan

    Amazon import test vs buying local from Takealot - Xiaomi Redmi 9A

    Ordering a smartphone from Takealot vs Amazon — the winner is clear MyBroadband recently ordered Xiaomi Redmi 9A smartphones through Takealot and Amazon, and found that Takealot was the best option. While we expected Takealot to deliver first, there was a contest to see which platform would be...
  2. Jan

    Using the R1,700 Xiaomi Redmi 9A for a week - surprisingly functional

    I used a R1,700 smartphone for a week — and was surprised by the experience MyBroadband used the Xiaomi Redmi 9A smartphone for a week, and the experience was far better than expected for a device that costs R1,699. Smartphone development cycles have accelerated, and technologies used in...