1. Kevin Lancaster

    DSL router hijacking vulnerability uncovered

    DSL router hijacking vulnerability discovered A ZynOS vulnerability exposes D-Link, TP-Link, and ZTE routers to a DNS hijacking attack
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Apple vs Samsung: South African tablet war

    South African tablet war: Apple vs Samsung Statistics from Vodacom reveal the most used tablets in South Africa, which boils down to a battle between Apple and Samsung
  3. C

    ZTE Grand X2

    Hey guys I got mugged of my LG G2 and I need a cheap smartphone I can use, I saw the ZTE Grand X2 in CNA I was wondering if anyone knows how good ZTE are or can recommend me a good 4.5" Android Smartphone out there for R2500 and where I can buy. CoolBrian
  4. jes

    Windows Phone hardware expansion plans

    Windows Phone hardware plans Microsoft announced a number of developments to its Windows Phone product line
  5. QuintonB

    New 2,000km fibre network lights up in SA

    2,000km FibreCo network launched in South Africa FibreCo has announced that the first phase of its network is live
  6. Jan

    Vodacom LTE data contract sale

    Vodacom LTE data sale Vodacom is promoting its latest data special which offers discounts on an LTE modem or tablet with a data bundle.
  7. jes

    ZTE to crank out more LTE devices

    ZTE to crank out more LTE devices China’s ZTE Corp, the world’s fifth largest smartphone maker, is aggressively moving into the higher end of the market
  8. jes

    Huawei and US security battle

    Huawei and US security battle Huawei says it would no longer focus on the US market for its core business
  9. jes

    China's ZTE drops Iran business

    China's ZTE drops Iran business ZTE Corp, China’s second-largest telecoms equipment maker, has essentially stopped doing business in Iran
  10. jes

    Smartphones, ultrabooks and "the next big thing"

    Smartphones, ultrabooks and "the next big thing" What are you looking forward to seeing on the global technology stage in 2013?
  11. QuintonB

    Hyper-fast 10Gbps broadband trial goes live

    10Gbps “hyper-fast” broadband trial BT unveils world’s fastest working high-speed broadband service in a live working environment
  12. QuintonB

    The world's most popular mobile phone brands

    Most popular cellphone brands in the world New research by Gartner reveals which brands dominate the worldwide sales of mobile phones
  13. G

    Huawei and ZTE 'cannot be trusted' in the US, says Congress report

  14. J

    ZTE and Mozilla teaming up to bring new mobile OS

    ZTE, Mozilla bringing mobile OS Chinese mobile manufacturer ZTE and Mozilla are planning to launch a new mobile OS to rival the market
  15. J

    Android vendors may be considering a move from the operating system

    Android vendors “considering their software options” Due to the recent court ruling against Samsung, analysts suspect mobile manufacturers are considering other operating systems
  16. J

    BlackBerry and Nokia still prominant in SA market

    BlackBerry and Nokia dominate SA smartphone market Smartphones in South Africa have surpassed the 10 million mark with Nokia and BlackBerry taking the lions share, despite both brands facing worldwide decline.
  17. QuintonB

    FireFox smartphone platform backed by big telco players

    FireFox smartphone OS gets heavyweight telco backing Major telecom companies will support a new Firefox smartphone platform to turn up the heat on Google and Apple in the mobile software market from next year.
  18. QuintonB

    ZTE drops Mzanzi partnership

    ZTE Mzanzi partnership goes up in flames ZTE is dropping SA’s ZTE Mzanzi as the company’s official partner in South Africa after the two companies failed to resolve a dispute.
  19. jes

    Telkom high-speed broadband network roll-out is delayed by court case

    Telkom high-speed broadband network roll-out is delayed by court case A legal dispute between Telkom and ZTE Mzansi will hold back the rollout of Telkom’s new high speed broadband network
  20. SupaMonkey

    Network Locked Modems?

    Hey guys, So like many of you, Im pissed off at the new pricing structure. I bought the 'black ZTE668 speed stick' almost a year ago and my prepaid package will expire soon. What I wanted to know is, are these speed stick / modems network locked or can I use the same modem on another service...