Afrihost's Clientzone fibre management is broken


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May 10, 2007
Afrihost's clientzone fibre management is broken, and let me explain why.

I have been an AH client for around 8 years and I have no intention of leaving. But the frustration of the clientzone's fibre section knows no end.
1. I cannot see my remainder cap on the Android App. Not the end of the world but it is still frustrating.
2. I have Afrihost Plus assigned to my fibre account (40Mbps 200GB) and every so often I run out of cap so I top up with 10 or 20GB. One would expect this to automatically by doubled as per the benefits of AH+, but alas it does not.

So now I need to speak to an Afrihost agent, which I would love to do, but I can't because no one is on whatsapp, live chat and their phone lines closed at 5pm. Seriously, who manages to get home before 5pm these days?


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Apr 10, 2018
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