Android TV user reviews pan Showmax 2.0


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May 24, 2010
Showmax 2.0 pain for Android TV users

Many people who use the new Showmax through its Android TV app have continued to report bugs and issues with the MultiChoice and NBCUniversal service since its launch nearly two months ago.

The original version of Showmax was shut down shortly after the Peacock-based Showmax 2.0 app launched in early February 2024.
Haven’t you always said they’re exactly the same thing and thus, run the same app?
Google changed their tune as always…
Google TV is a software layer running on top of Android TV. As such, they're similar in many ways.
Android TV has been replaced, but it’s apparently still getting new, unique features of its own. Why?
Google changed their tune
I had the white paper on Google TV and It’s always been a bit more than a skin . I think you used to just laugh when I told you though

Regardless, the store and the apps are the same
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Still no version for Amazon fire TV... No dstv for the same system. South Africa is way too behind.
Showmax should just upload all their content to the seas and let the people use their own 3 party software to watch it
As a DSTV Premium subscriber, I was amazed to find out that I cannot access Showmax as my decoder does not support the new version. It should be state that my decoder is only 3 years old and I refuse to purchase a new one.
In addition, I have tried to load the latest App on my smart TV, but to no avail. I have also tried to mirror from my phone and this has been denied. Very frustrating indeed and if not for sport on DSTV, I would happily cancel my subscription
Picture quality is also really not up to scratch... 1080p is not the problem in my opinion, the low BIT rate is the problem!
This is the most stupid and frustrating app I've ever used. And for a service that people pay for, it's unacceptable to have such a bad user experience. But you think Multichoice cares? Not a chance. Unsubscribing once my current one runs out.
Picture quality is also really not up to scratch... 1080p is not the problem in my opinion, the low BIT rate is the problem!

I'd rather watch full bitrate 1080p 60FPS [ Canadian ] or 50FPS [ New Zealand/Malaysia/Hong Kong ] than 25FPS 4K most times. Especially fast moving material.
Great thank you for attempting to put pressure on Showmax, I almost thought I was the only one having issues. When complaining, you get a auto response with a ticket number, then crickets .....
The whole thing is garbage, video stutter, no surround, etc