Android users could soon link their phones to Windows as wireless webcams


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May 24, 2010
Windows could soon use Android phones as webcams

Code spotted in the latest version of Microsoft's Link to Windows app suggests that users may soon be able to turn their Android phone into a webcam for video calls.

Android Authority recently tore down the app and noted that there isn't any direct mention of "webcam" but said the accompanying strings of code indicate that this is the intended purpose.
Interesting! I would use something like this, I've tried third party versions like camo but never really been satisfied enough to consider it a working solution.
Don't you read or know? iOS has had it for about two years now...
The revolving iOS excuses

* iOS gets a feature first - ‘iOS had it long ago!’ ; ‘I didn’t know Android didn’t have it yet? Wow’ ; ‘Finally caught up, Android’ / ‘you can already do this on iOS lmao’

* iOS gets a feature late - ‘Apple were perfecting it’ ; ‘they’d never launch a subpar feature’ ; ‘the market was only ready for it now when Apple made the keynote’ / ‘its far better than any other implementation’

* iOS doesn’t have a feature at all - ‘it’s a non issue’ / ‘I don’t care about it’ / ‘I’d never use that feature even if I had it’ / ‘won’t change my life’
Salty crapple user detected. iOS will get it in 2033 just got to be patient
Been using my iPhone as a webcam for a while now and it does a great job. It even “follows” as you move provided you’re within the frame.

Edit: iirc it’s called continuity camera.

2nd edit. Serves me right for posting before I read the article.

The new Link to Windows app functionality could compete with Apple’s Continuity Camera feature, which lets users mount the iPhone to their Mac for use as a camera and microphone.
Been doing this for a while using an app, making good use of that stack of old phones lying around. Great if they bring this support in natively..
Sounds like the quality is limited unless you pay for the premium version of the app? Probably still way better than an integrated webcam in a cheap laptop though right?

I bought it, as I use it for streaming and I can say without a doubt it blows even those 1080P Logitech webcams out of the water quality wise.
Edit and yes the free one is limited to 720p
Satisfied with the Camo experience? I had some hassles with it quite a while ago, maybe it's time to give it another try.
Works 100% for me. I only have the free version so while it accesses any camera I think the res is limited to FHD.